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 has over twenty years experience in international retail Store Design and Visual Merchandising.

She has designed and merchandised retail spaces ranging in size from 2,000 to 750,000 square feet. In her leadership role, Jeanne created and executed standards and processes to ensure effective and efficient programs across multiple store locations. Her viewpoint places a strong emphasis on creating store environments that enable proper product placement, and styling to achieve the correct company image, and exceed sales goals.

Jeanne has managed and led teams of people, ranging from corporate directors to store personnel.

She has also acted as a liaison with architects & merchants to achieve maximum Design and Visual Merchandising results. This broad background has given her the ability to establish and lead Visual teams, create unique retail environments, and enhance a company’s business goals and marketing objectives.
Jeanne approachs each project intellectually and intuitively, to achieve a solution unique to each company’s distinct identity and customer base.

She incorporates cues of classic design and architecture, as well as color, lighting and focal points into the overall design process.


Ultimately, Jeanne creates well functioning environments that include visual texture, icons or imagery that elevate the brand and engage the customer.