About Me


      Currently my creative focus explores how American culture has been sold to us, and how this has formulated our understanding of the role of women, religion, and the general concept of paradise in America. My inspiration comes from the realization our culture is often driven by the institutional promotion of fundamental stereotypes. Social belief systems entice us to continually pursue specific roles in society, believing this will bring us happiness. My recent paintings explore these topics. I am using glorification techniques of the renaissance church and tricks of the 1950 advertising industry to delve into the world created by society’s desire for this fantasy of the Promised Land.

      These paintings show objects as fetish symbols for the middle class to worship and acquire. The monumental glorification of this lifestyle is expressed in the scale of the paintings and the rays of light shining from the icons. There is an implication of the middle class as a religion. The images promise happiness, with maybe a hint of trouble to come.

     During the 1950s we saw advertising artists step forward to sell paradise and a magical lifestyle. They were selling a tract home in the suburbs, or a barbeque, or a swimming pool. They told us it was everything we needed to have the perfect life. Commercials on TV, billboards by the highway, or shiny magazine ads all shouted how great life could be if we purchased the object they were selling. Women were turned into housewives. Housewives were magical creatures who responded to all her family’s needs, always under the watchful eye of the male gaze. This overriding story is about America and the Promised Land. References range from the Renaissance to Grant Wood’s Americana.

       I paint in oil, sometimes adding charcoal and oil pastels into the many layers of my work. I work in a whimsical style using loose charcoal lines and lots of color. This adds an element of innocence to this view of paradise. It is an innocence that is not real. It doesn’t really exist. It merely hides the true reality of the middle class. It creates a tension with the feeling of disconnected lines and the sense of lost that these abandoned items suggest. 



Born, Houston, Texas

Lives and works in Southern California



Jeanne Holbrook was raised in San Diego, California. She grew up in suburbia. Jeanne attended San Diego State after a trip backpacking through Europe. When her father suddenly died, she stopped school and went to work immediately. Her sheltered life gave way to 20 plus years of corporate work. This was the beginning of a creative career in sales promotion and store design in Los Angeles and New York. Her career allowed her to travel and develop her visual judgement capabilities. Every day she developed her creative problem solving skills. 


Finally, Jeanne was able to return to school and complete her formal education in studio art. She received her BA at California State University at San Bernardino. She is currently working on her MFA at CSUSB.


Jeanne maintains a studio at home in the Inland Empire, in addition to working in a studio space at the university.


Today she focuses on creating oversized canvases, painting in oil and creating depth and texture with charcoal. Currently, Jeanne is exploring how American culture has formed our understanding of the reality of our daily lives, the role of women, religion and the concept of happily ever after. She is interested in how the pursuit of the American Dream evolved to be a hegemonic influence transforming America into a consumer society that exists only as advertising images of happiness.



M.F.A. Studio Art Student, California State University San Bernardino, San Bernardino,CA          Present


B.A. Studio Art, California State University San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA                          2020


A.A. Studio Art, Norco College, Norco, CA                                                                                    2017


A.S. Architecture, Norco College, Norco, CA                                                                                  2018


Attended San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Attended USIU Ashdown Park, Sussex, England, U.K.



Alumni Art Exhibition, Norco College Art Gallery, Norco, CA                                                       2021


Visual Frequency, Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art, San Bernardino, CA                    2020


Students of Art & Design, Norco College Art Gallery, Norco, CA                                                   2016


Students of Art & Design, Norco College Art Gallery, Norco,CA                                                    2015


Students of Art & Design, Norco College Art Gallery, Norco, CA                                                   2014



Dotphotozine                                                                                                                                 2021


Norco College Alumni Art Exhibition Catalog

https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/7705185/catalog                                                  2021




Norco College Art Collection, Norco, CA                                                                                      2014





DFS North America/DFS Group Limited/LVMH,                                   Los Angeles, CA             2 years    



Brighton Collectibles                                                                     City Of Industry, CA             1 year



The Design Network                                                       Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, CA             8 years  



DFS North America/DFS Group Limited/LVMH                                      El Segundo, CA              5 years  



Mervyn’s                                                                                                   Hayward, CA             2 Years  



HTI, Hambrecht Terrell International, Architects           Los Angeles, CA, New York,NY             3 years  



Federated Department Stores, Bullock’s                                           Los Angeles,CA            4 years